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Quick update and a meme
I'm moving to Bradford with the Mad Scientist this weekend. I'm working on a long term Web Development contract job, from home, and once we're settled I may have enough of a schedule to blog.

Meanwhile, a meme I like:

March 2011 Moving into an apartment in Bradford, MA with my boyfriend of 14 mos., and about a 3rd of the year, his 4 yr. old daughter. I'm working as a Web Developer hoping to get back into freelance art. We also have a few creative projects we plan to work on.

March 2001 Living with college boyfriend, in Columbus, OH. Temping while starting the process for going back to school to get my BFA in Animation/Time Based Media.

March 1991 Lived with my parents in East Hampstead, NH. I was busy hating middle school and most of the people in it except my weekly gaming group. My grades were dropping and while I buried my nose in SF/F and horror. I want to be an animator when I grew up. My favorite thing in life was College Academy (Nerd Summer Camp) in Bradford, Ma.

March 1981 Probably jumping up and down on my parents bed reciting the colors of the rainbow.

March 1971 A long way from being born.

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Yay for the gaming group! : )

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