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NYE and after
I spent a quiet NYE in with The Mad Scientist and the baby whom I suppose I will call Pumpkin*. After several round of Hungry Hungry Hippos, running around, dancing, and playing Following the Leader, TMS put Pumpkin down around 10. I woke HIM up around 11, we went downstairs to watch Being Human snd drink champagne, stopping long enough to watch Robo-Dick Clark. If you asked me 2010 NYE to predict 2011 NYE I might of gotten it but it would have been a heck of a long shot. I already had a crush on TMS but there hadn't been much movement on that front.

The situation with TMS is awesome but also really tough. He lives with his folks for similar reasons. He moved in after a breakup, tried to finish school, but after Pumpkin's unexpected conception with an on and off girlfriend he hasn't been able to afford to move out. Pumpkin's mother...The Patch? had some creative views about responsibility, parental roles, and financial support resulting in a rather bitter court battle for much of this year. It had to happen but I also feel somewhat responsible. Trying to have a serious relationship was incompatible with the amount of resources The Patch required to grant access to the Pumpkin, so TMS needed to get the court involved to allow him to have both. Still, having a lot of stress but not a lot of time to be together is rough on a relationship, especially a quasi-long distance one.

After not being home for a few days I was in the mood to cook, I made some elaborate tiny peppers stuffed with bread, cheese olive oil and veggies, and from scratch chicken stock which I turned into Turkey and Vegetable soup today. I also filled out an application and hid a phone pre-screening interview to be a pharmacy tech in a retail pharmacy, Not ideal or even in the right direction, but it will allow me to get a place with TMS, saving both our sanities.

*Last fall we went to the Topsfield fair where we saw pumpkins painted to look like the Yo Gabba Gabba (her favorite show) characters and she Lost. Her. Mind. She talked about them for weeks until we made some of our own, where she spent a good half hour running from room to room at her Grandparent's house yelling "YO GABBA GABBA PUNKINS!" in a weird low gravelly voice which is not dissimilar to the one I use when I'm excited about something. She talked about for months, and still does any time she hears the word pumpkin.