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Evacuate Renee-Nicole Douceur from Antarctica Immediately
Signal Boost for a real life friend. This is completely legit, please re-post it everywhere.
If you can offer help or suggestions, please email evacuaterenee @ gmail.com

Urgent greetings,

I am writing to ask for your help to support my aunt/mother, Renee Douceur, who works at the South Pole as a the station manager for the US Government. Renee suffered a stroke on August 27th and the on-site doctors requested for her immediate medical emergency evacuation to get her to proper medical care and prevent further injury to her, including risk of blindness and brain injury.

The decision makers are disregarding the on-site doctors’ request for Renee’s immediate need for emergency evacuation. Instead they are treating her stroke as a non-emergency, keeping her at the South Pole in an environment that is threatening to her life, until late October or early November, which is when the next routine aircraft flights are scheduled to be available, meaning she is being denied access to proper medical care for at least another month.

This failure to act reflects blatant disregard for Renee’s life. Renee has reached out to her US Senator and also hired a lawyer to help; so far, all to no avail.

Renee’s attorney has advised her to go public because he is being stonewalled by Raytheon and the National Science Foundation to get her out ASAP for proper medical diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation (if she survives the trip out).

So, may I call upon you to contact the people listed below and ask them to take proper immediate action for Renee’s life. May I also ask you to circulate this request with your friends. I have attached a letter from Renee which gives more information about her circumstance.

I already wrote to all the contacts below and also wrote to Senator Jeanne Shaheen and WMUR. Please help, one email is a ripple, MANY make a wave. Don't allow big corporate make medical decisions for us!

Thank you so much! Sydney

Message from Renee:

Time is of essence. Thanks for any help you can give me and sorry for not sending out more aurora pictures which I have a slew of, though have attached a few more pics.

Please pass my around my letter asking to expose and put pressure on a multi-billion dollar corporation and a US government agency to do the right thing.

Besides having it going viral, if each person could take a few moments to call (voicemails work good) and/or send an email to the following folks below it would get their attention and make a huge difference!!

I would be most grateful as time is just going on and on and on and now entering the 5th week after I had my stroke.

Please help in any way possible. Every person's kind gesture adds up!

With Gratitude,

Renée-Nicole M. Douceur
RPSC Winter Site Manager
Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station
United States Antarctic Program
720-568-1611 (satellite dependant)
Email: renee-nicole.douceur.contractor@usap.gov
LMR # 201

Raytheon Corporation Corporate Social Responsibility, STEM& Diversity:
Kristyn Lao
Tel: 781.522.5126


Raytheon Corporation Ethics Officer:
Garth Chandler 800-423-0210

Raytheon Corporation Senior Counsel:
Joseph E. Reynolds, Esq. 781-522-3058

Raytheon Polar Services Company Corporate Communications:
Elaine Hood 720-568-2134

National Science Foundation - Office of Polar Programs:
Deputy Director, Dr. Kelly K. Falkner 703-292-7424

National Science Foundation - Office of Polar Programs:
Director, Dr. Karl A. Erb 703-292-8030

National Science Foundation - Office Polar Environment, Health & Safety
Director, Dr. Polly A. Penhale 703-292-7420

National Science Foundation - Media Contact:
Debra Wing 703-292-5344

And of course the White House: