Evacuate Renee-Nicole Douceur from Antarctica Immediately

Signal Boost for a real life friend. This is completely legit, please re-post it everywhere.
If you can offer help or suggestions, please email evacuaterenee @ gmail.com

Urgent greetings,

I am writing to ask for your help to support my aunt/mother, Renee Douceur, who works at the South Pole as a the station manager for the US Government. Renee suffered a stroke on August 27th and the on-site doctors requested for her immediate medical emergency evacuation to get her to proper medical care and prevent further injury to her, including risk of blindness and brain injury.

The decision makers are disregarding the on-site doctors’ request for Renee’s immediate need for emergency evacuation. Instead they are treating her stroke as a non-emergency, keeping her at the South Pole in an environment that is threatening to her life, until late October or early November, which is when the next routine aircraft flights are scheduled to be available, meaning she is being denied access to proper medical care for at least another month.

This failure to act reflects blatant disregard for Renee’s life. Renee has reached out to her US Senator and also hired a lawyer to help; so far, all to no avail.

Renee’s attorney has advised her to go public because he is being stonewalled by Raytheon and the National Science Foundation to get her out ASAP for proper medical diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation (if she survives the trip out).

So, may I call upon you to contact the people listed below and ask them to take proper immediate action for Renee’s life. May I also ask you to circulate this request with your friends. I have attached a letter from Renee which gives more information about her circumstance.

I already wrote to all the contacts below and also wrote to Senator Jeanne Shaheen and WMUR. Please help, one email is a ripple, MANY make a wave. Don't allow big corporate make medical decisions for us!

Thank you so much! Sydney

Message from Renee:

Time is of essence. Thanks for any help you can give me and sorry for not sending out more aurora pictures which I have a slew of, though have attached a few more pics.

Please pass my around my letter asking to expose and put pressure on a multi-billion dollar corporation and a US government agency to do the right thing.

Besides having it going viral, if each person could take a few moments to call (voicemails work good) and/or send an email to the following folks below it would get their attention and make a huge difference!!

I would be most grateful as time is just going on and on and on and now entering the 5th week after I had my stroke.

Please help in any way possible. Every person's kind gesture adds up!

With Gratitude,

Renée-Nicole M. Douceur
RPSC Winter Site Manager
Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station
United States Antarctic Program
720-568-1611 (satellite dependant)
Email: renee-nicole.douceur.contractor@usap.gov
LMR # 201

Raytheon Corporation Corporate Social Responsibility, STEM& Diversity:
Kristyn Lao
Tel: 781.522.5126


Raytheon Corporation Ethics Officer:
Garth Chandler 800-423-0210

Raytheon Corporation Senior Counsel:
Joseph E. Reynolds, Esq. 781-522-3058

Raytheon Polar Services Company Corporate Communications:
Elaine Hood 720-568-2134

National Science Foundation - Office of Polar Programs:
Deputy Director, Dr. Kelly K. Falkner 703-292-7424

National Science Foundation - Office of Polar Programs:
Director, Dr. Karl A. Erb 703-292-8030

National Science Foundation - Office Polar Environment, Health & Safety
Director, Dr. Polly A. Penhale 703-292-7420

National Science Foundation - Media Contact:
Debra Wing 703-292-5344

And of course the White House:

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I like to comment more than I post. When things are going really well, I'm too busy to post, when things are going moderately poorly, I don'T really want to talk about it, and in between I feel guilty for being inconsistent.

I like to read what's going on with with people, I may miss a post or two but check LJ almost every day. I have been lured away by Facebook because it's easier to use and it doesn't allow me to go on big long posting sprees. I just need to learn not to try to have discussions on FB. Something about it seems to breed the twin notions on nothing you post means anything...but it's totally reasonable to get upset about something another person posts. It's not a format that seems tolerant to disagreement or debate.

So hey, maybe since no one else wants to hear my opinions, I'll just keep them here.

Dear FB former friend: The New World Order is not coming to take your property and your as yet unborn children. Schools are not failing because the last 4 presidents have all drank the Kool-aid to promote a socialist agenda. I'm sorry my skepticism means we can't be friends anymore.

Dear world: I regret asking about position X. I didn't realize when you focused heavily on one side of a discussion you were really only interested in the validity of that one side.

I need to stop pouting and get back to work now, or at least pout and work, but follow this space for more possibly volatile posting in the future.

Quick update and a meme

I'm moving to Bradford with the Mad Scientist this weekend. I'm working on a long term Web Development contract job, from home, and once we're settled I may have enough of a schedule to blog.

Meanwhile, a meme I like:

March 2011 Moving into an apartment in Bradford, MA with my boyfriend of 14 mos., and about a 3rd of the year, his 4 yr. old daughter. I'm working as a Web Developer hoping to get back into freelance art. We also have a few creative projects we plan to work on.

March 2001 Living with college boyfriend, in Columbus, OH. Temping while starting the process for going back to school to get my BFA in Animation/Time Based Media.

March 1991 Lived with my parents in East Hampstead, NH. I was busy hating middle school and most of the people in it except my weekly gaming group. My grades were dropping and while I buried my nose in SF/F and horror. I want to be an animator when I grew up. My favorite thing in life was College Academy (Nerd Summer Camp) in Bradford, Ma.

March 1981 Probably jumping up and down on my parents bed reciting the colors of the rainbow.

March 1971 A long way from being born.

NYE and after

I spent a quiet NYE in with The Mad Scientist and the baby whom I suppose I will call Pumpkin*. After several round of Hungry Hungry Hippos, running around, dancing, and playing Following the Leader, TMS put Pumpkin down around 10. I woke HIM up around 11, we went downstairs to watch Being Human snd drink champagne, stopping long enough to watch Robo-Dick Clark. If you asked me 2010 NYE to predict 2011 NYE I might of gotten it but it would have been a heck of a long shot. I already had a crush on TMS but there hadn't been much movement on that front.

The situation with TMS is awesome but also really tough. He lives with his folks for similar reasons. He moved in after a breakup, tried to finish school, but after Pumpkin's unexpected conception with an on and off girlfriend he hasn't been able to afford to move out. Pumpkin's mother...The Patch? had some creative views about responsibility, parental roles, and financial support resulting in a rather bitter court battle for much of this year. It had to happen but I also feel somewhat responsible. Trying to have a serious relationship was incompatible with the amount of resources The Patch required to grant access to the Pumpkin, so TMS needed to get the court involved to allow him to have both. Still, having a lot of stress but not a lot of time to be together is rough on a relationship, especially a quasi-long distance one.

After not being home for a few days I was in the mood to cook, I made some elaborate tiny peppers stuffed with bread, cheese olive oil and veggies, and from scratch chicken stock which I turned into Turkey and Vegetable soup today. I also filled out an application and hid a phone pre-screening interview to be a pharmacy tech in a retail pharmacy, Not ideal or even in the right direction, but it will allow me to get a place with TMS, saving both our sanities.

*Last fall we went to the Topsfield fair where we saw pumpkins painted to look like the Yo Gabba Gabba (her favorite show) characters and she Lost. Her. Mind. She talked about them for weeks until we made some of our own, where she spent a good half hour running from room to room at her Grandparent's house yelling "YO GABBA GABBA PUNKINS!" in a weird low gravelly voice which is not dissimilar to the one I use when I'm excited about something. She talked about for months, and still does any time she hears the word pumpkin.

...And we're back.

I was just commenting on how I want to start posting again but every time I try to catch up on the last year it feels like I'm trying to write a novel. My verbosity out strips Facebook regularly, but LJ makes me feel like I need to provide a consistent narrative for the last year. While commenting that, I realized I should just do it.
Feel free to ask questions.

I'm still at my grandmother's house, the graphic design job I worked for a year was never consistent enough to get out, and I got laid off because they didn't have enough work to for me.

Last night was a lot of fun, my boyfriend, The Mad Scientist and his 3 year old daughter, the Baby came by for the weeknight visitation. I'm only about 20 min. from her mother's house and a lot cheaper than a restaurant. Usually he picks me up and we get her together, but yesterday he had my car since his broke and I pinched a nerve in my shoulder and couldn't drive for a couple of days. It was adorable, He said in the car, The Baby asked him if we could make Gingerbread cookies at my house, luckily I still had the dough tube from her last visit. She also requested Spaghetti-Os, which I think is fantastic because it shows she's thinking about where she's going and what she wants to do when she gets there. I heated the O's, we all colored in the enormous coloring book my grandmother got for her, and played with little hamster toys that lived in the cave that was created by my slouching on the couch. There was also a ghost. We made cookies, played Hide and Seek, then we had to bring her home. Sadly visits have been short lately, there's a big shopping complex between her Mom and I and traffic has been terrible.

Then I drove TMS the hour home, where I finally got to meet his other sister and her girlfriend. He and I have been together for almost a year and I'm a pretty common fixture at his folk's house* so everybody keeps forgetting I'd never met her before. It was hard to tear myself away and go home.

*He's living at home, he's doesn't make enough to swing an apartment post child support without a roommate, and with the Baby and custody issues, he really can't do a roommate. The second I get something, we're getting a place.

Tea Inclined Oregonians

I'm a big fan of word of mouth being the the response to poor service.

Do not patronize the Tea Thyme and Lavender Tea House. The short form: A customer left her car there for less than an hour, after the store was closed, and returned to find she had been towed. Who doesn't do that? The owner was rather rude and claimed once the business closed she was not longer a customer, so it's her own fault. Retriever Towing goes trolling for cars minutes after stores close to rack up charges, and made the same argument. The stores are quite smug in their mutual back scratching, but I'd never go there.


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When Roni met Neil Gaiman.

Well It's been a long time and I still don't really want to talk about what's up with me yet, it's good just in flux, so I'll repost a story most of you don't know.

I had a similarly motivated, if far less funny Neil Gaiman freakout. He was doing a reading at a Borders in Monroeville , PA. We were right next to the cafe and they were going about their business with the espresso maker. PSSHHHHHHH! WHAPWHAP WHAP! FInally he stops, and what I later recognize as rhetorically, asks "Are they mining back there?" I was so very very excited, see, I used to work at a bookstore coffee bar and Neil Gaiman wanted to know something and I COULD HELP! I began waving my hand in the air wildly, like a 3rd grader that desperately has to pee and explained, incomprehensibly fast and jumbled exactly how an espresso machine worked and they were beating on the counter to shake loose the grounds. Neil was classy enough to simply look baffled and thank me while I turned beet red and he continued reading.

Too funny

I had another laptop crash this morning*, because I tried to so something daring, like restart it.

It's trying to self diagnose the Windows problem and the processing bar is about 5 blocks shooting across the screen.

Simon, the dumb cat, is convinced, CONVINCED, it was some terrible bug and he must catch it.

He spent about half an hour trying to circumvent me to creep up on the strange shiny beast and save me from my foolishness. The last thing my laptop needs is a cat enthusiastically attacking the screen.

* It got better